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Agence immobilière de prestige à La Rochelle et Île de Ré


LA ROCHELLE, historical capital of the Aunis, prefecture of the department of Charente-Maritime is located on the Atlantic facade, off the Pertuis d'Antioche. Preserved storms by the "barrier" islands of Ré, Oléron and Aix, the city is primarily a port complex of the first order, and since the twelfth century. It retains more than ever its title of "Porte Océane" by the presence of its three ports (fishing, trade and pleasure).
A millennial city with a rich historical and urban heritage, La Rochelle has today become the most important city between the Loire estuary and the Gironde estuary. Its urban activities are multiple and highly differentiated. City with port and industrial functions still important, it has a largely predominant administrative and tertiary sector that come to strengthen its university and tourism in full development.


The island of Ré is a French island located in the golf of Gascony, off the coast of the Aether, and not far from the Vendée. As part of the Charentais archipelago, it is the fourth largest island in metropolitan France, behind Corsica, the island of Oleron and Belle-Ile. Formerly part of the province of Aunis, it is now attached to the department of Charente-Maritime and the region of New Aquitaine. Since March 2015, it forms a single canton: the canton of the island of Ré.
The island's historic capital is Saint Martin De Ré, which forms with the neighboring town of La Flotte an urban center of 5,302 inhabitants in 2013, the urban unit of La Flotte. The most populated municipality is however Sainte Marie de Ré (3 112 inhabitants).
The island of Ré is separated from the mainland by the pertuis Breton, and is located further north of the islands of Aix, Oléron, Madame and Nole, and forts Boyard, Enet and Louvois located in the Pertuis of Antioch to the south. Since May 19, 1988, it is connected to the continent by the bridge of the Ile de Ré. Touristic, the island is nicknamed "Ré la blanche" because of the characteristic hue of its traditional houses.


ROYAN, located in the department of Charente-Maritime, main city of the Coast of Beauty and the Royannais Country, is at the heart of an urban area. Seaside resort on the French Atlantic coast, with five sandy beaches, a marina, a fishing port is the economic center of the south-west of the department.
With the arrival of sea baths ROYAN acquires a great reputation in the mid-nineteenth century, welcoming many artists during the Roaring Twenties.
Totally destroyed by Allied bombing, ROYAN is rebuilt by renowned architects such as GILLET, FERRET, COURTOIS and MARMOUGET .... And becomes a real research laboratory on urbanism representative of the 1950s, allowing it to become a city of art and history in 2010.
Today, Royan affirms more than ever its seaside vocation. It is a tourist and cultural center welcoming annually 90,000 inhabitants each summer season.


The second largest French vineyard after Bordeaux, the Cognac vineyard now covers 80,000 hectares. Production wines are spread around the city of Cognac in concentric circles: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fine Wood, Good Wood, Ordinary Wood.
The narrower the circle, the higher the quality! Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne are therefore the basis of the finest cognacs of the "Pays de Cognac".
COGNAC is the Charente, walks on the quays, a stroll in the barge, stroll through the old town, it's the visit of the great Cognac Houses ...


SAINTES, two thousand years of history at the door of your place of residence on the Atlantic coast. Saintes, the Gallo-Roman city, testimonies of the capital of the great Roman province of Aquitaine.


In the middle of the 17th century, the port of Brouage sank and the site of Rochefort is chosen by Colbert to build a military port and an arsenal.
(Royal Rope)


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